Our Story

Dr. Jason LaHood here, Elizabeth and I created PsychBreak to offer alternatives to the current psychopharmacological drugs available for mental health today.   We are friends, colleagues and mental health professionals who share a common pursuit of mental health and wellness for ourselves and others.   

Full-spectrum whole hemp CBD has been an essential part of our personal journey.   We like to call it our journey to tranquility – and contrary to popular belief it is not the THC that produces the tranquility it is the CBD that is activated by the low levels of THC (a little-known fact)!

We were hard-pressed to find a quality CBD product – the current market place is like the wild wild west for CBD.   So, we decided to find the best sourced pharma-grade product produced in an OTC certified facility (which means certified to produce over the counter drugs) using superior extraction processes. 

We benefit from the use of our product and we hope you do too!  

Our Commitment to Our Customers

  • People – our focus is happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives for the people we come into contact with. We are focused on helping our customers improve their daily mental health journey.
  • Quality – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our product.
    Each batch is tested to ensure quality – every time. If you have tried our product and are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you for the product you purchased. Please see the exact details on our Refund Policy page.
  • Trust – we will be the brand you trust. Our brand is focused on mental health. CBD Oil is becoming a commodity. It is like the gold rush – everyone wants in. We are focused on providing solutions that can help our clients manage their daily lives.
  • We use our own products and love them!